Dolphin Plank

Dolphin plank is a wonderful alternative to the traditional plank pose for anyone looking for more of a challenge for the scapular stabilizers or those with wrist pain.  It is important to maintain the elbows at shoulder’s width apart for correct biomechanics.


  • Start on your stomach with your toes curled under
  • Rest elbows directly over your shoulders and press your forearms firmly against the floor, fingers pointed straight ahead
  • Pull your shoulder blades in and down
  • Lift your thighs up towards the ceiling as you contract your abdominal muscles
  • Elongate your neck and look straight down at the floor
  • Hold for at least 30 seconds, focusing on maintain your shoulder blade position
  • Release your knees to the floor to relax


  • Shoulder injuries
  • Insufficient strength to maintain correct scapular position in traditional plank pose


  • Strengthens the hips, shoulder, abdominals, and back muscles
  • Increases bone density of the spine and arms
  • Allows individuals with carpal tunnel and other wrist problems to participate in weight-bearing postures safely.

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