Tai Chi: Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg


Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg is a challenging Tai Chi balancing exercise.  Traditionally, Tai Chi exercises are performed in a flowing sequence.  The exercises are performed in a particular order and transition smoothly in all 3 planes of movement.  This is particularly difficult for individuals just learning Tai Chi.  In the clinic, I teach one exercise at a time, repeating until the whole body exercise is learned. 

 In this blog, I will use the same approach as I introduce new Tai Chi exercises.  As you attempt this position, focus on your breath and use the least amount of effort required to maintain your balance.


  • Increased static balance
  • Strengthening of the intrinsic foot muscles as well as the ankles, quadriceps, hip flexors, rectus abdominus, obliques and anterior deltoid.

  Instructions for the left leg:

—  Start with your feet shoulder width apart and rotated 45 ̊ weight on L

—  Your arms hold a ball of energy at chest height

—  Raise R leg so that your thigh is horizontal & the foot hangs relaxed 

—  At the same time, raise up the R arm with the elbow bent to 90 ̊and relax the L arm

—  If possible, bring your knee up to your elbow

—  Stay in this position for a moment

—  When ready to come out of the hold, step back with your R leg, shifting your weight to this side

Right:  Repeat the opposite way


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